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05202009 Sled Pulling isn’t just for tractors anymore

May 21, 2009
Red is the only color for a proper tractor.

Red is the only color for a proper tractor.

I spent a considerable part of my youth in rural east Ohio, and one of my favorite things to do in the summer is to go see a good Ohio county fair. Among my favorite parts of the fair are the tractor pull, horse pull and the FFA/Four H exhibits.

If you haven’t ever lived in the midwest, you may not be familiar with the tractor pull. It’s like drag-racing on dirt while pulling several thousand pound of increasing weight behind you.

Anyway, I did six trips with the sled loaded to 90# following tabata rowing.

Then on to the gym in the evening for 3 x OHS at 95, 115, 125. Then front squats, 3x 135, 185, 225,245, missed single at 305#. The missed single was greed winning out over ambition. The 245 seemed too easy, so I tried to go over 300 and missed. That’s a lesson in applied humility. Then 3×3 of back squats from the pins at 225#. And sets of Press at 135# and dips sprinkled in for fun.

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