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So Fresh, So Clean

September 25, 2009


Buying razor blades is a hassle. I usually run out before I get new ones, and the prices are apalling.

Here are some tips, via Lifehacker, for extending the life of those pricey razors.

Clark Howard recommends drying your blade on the theory that most of the dullness is caused by rust on the blades. The Chicago Tribune has also covered this.

There’s also the blue jean method for sharpening blades, which I also found courtesy of Lifehacker. I can say that as crazy as it sounds, it actually works even better than they say. I’ve tried this out and am on week three with a Gilette Mach Three, and the shaves since sharpening them on an old pair of jeans are actually better than with a brand new blade.

Someone at Lifehacker objected to this trick because, “my jeans are considerably more expensive than my razor blade budget. It’s not worth the risk.” For less than the cost of a single mach three, you could get a perfectly usable pair of used jeans next time you’re at the thrift store.

Finally, it has been suggested that storing your razor in mineral oil will also help prevent the dulling of corrosion. Here’s another compendium of razor-life lengthening tricks.

Here’s another way to save money on blades:

Friday I bought a razor with razor blades, on sale for the same price that just the razor blades usually cost. I sold the razor to a friend for what I paid. IMMD.

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