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Cars of the Day 11122009 – Mercedes W115/W123

November 12, 2009





Today’s car of the day is not a single car, but the Mercedes-Benz W115/W123 diesel series.

All three were seen during my lunch break. A white 240D, a burgundy 300D turbo diesel, and a white 300CD.

The W114/115 Mercedes chassis was introduced in 1968 among the “New Generation Models”. The 240D was introduced in 1973 with a diesel engine producing 65 hp. But apparently, you can’t kill the Mercedes diesel as evidenced by this trio. Mercedes has a 240D in their Stuttgart museum that racked up 2,858,307 miles in 28 years of service.

The 300D was introduced in 1975 as a model-year 1976. It took the W123 240D and dropped in a turbo-diesel engine producing 80 to 88 hp depending on the year and country the car was originally shipped to.

The CD, coupe version, was introduced in 1976 and was built with both normally-aspirated, and turbocharged versions of the 3-litre diesel engine.

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