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Project 365 January 31, 2012

February 2, 2012

Today, a group of citizens from my area went to the Georgia State Capitol to speak to the House Governmental Affairs Committee about incorporating as a city. I shoot at the Capitol on a daily basis, but this particular room, and this particular group presented several challenges.

The first is conveying a large group of people in a small room. I tried several approaches and you can judge whether I succeeded.

The second challenge was lighting and white balance management. Most of the room is pretty dark and lit by overhead flourescents. Very yellow tone if you’re shooting with Auto white balance. But the front podium is lit for TV cameras with spots, and give a nice whiter tone. So I ended up with my white balance set for the podium, and had to post-process the crowd shots. I hit them with 25% cooling filter in photoshop, which worked pretty well.

Third was that I was shooting across the front of the room at times, with my 55-300mm, which isn’t an especially fast lense, f 5.6 at the far end. Cranked the ISO up to get a reasonable shutter speed, but still lost a lot of shots to blur. I also used the 35mm for a lot of the crowd shots, shooting wide open.

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